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To ensure that users enjoy the convenience of cheetah car website , we set some basic instructions. You can these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information about our policies and regulations . Recommend that you read them carefully.

Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions apply to all visits and use of cheetah automotive Web site, as well as through the website to provide you with all the information , advice and / or services.

If using this website, you accept these terms of use . Please note that these provisions will change in accordance with the relevant provisions of adjustment . Change information in the modified Terms of Use effective immediately upon publication . Recommend site users regularly read the terms of use, understanding the information to change the situation .

Information products and services , and accountability

The information published on this site as well as graphic images to produce the relevant pages and upload the technical parameters for the benchmarks.

Models displayed on the website depending on different models were equipped as standard or optional equipment .

Companies continue to improve the product , the vehicle may be subject to change technical parameters, configurations, accessories and colors as well as any other information . In addition, the current technology is not yet on the website completely true copy of the vehicle color.

The information contained on this website in any case are of general information and are not legally binding. Website announced price for the proposed sales price is for reference only .

Site information is used only to provide relevant information , not recommended content. The use of this website ( or inability to use ) the loss , other than due to improper handling or cheetah car damage caused by gross negligence , the company does not assume any liability, including due to a virus , information on this website suitability , timeliness or accuracy of the losses caused by , cheetah car does not bear any responsibility.

Cheetah cars on the following makes no warranties , including, but not limited to the condition , quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement made by the guarantee.

Third-party information

Information from third parties indicates that the third party 's personal opinions. Cheetah cars such information does not assume any responsibility or liability .

Hyperlinks on this website may direct visitors to access external Web sites maintained by third parties . Cheetah cars on the content of these external sites and functionality does not assume any responsibility. Cheetah car on these external websites providing products and service quality does not assume any responsibility.

Intellectual property rights

All website text, images, sound files , animation files, video files and other information subject to copyright and other intellectual property protection. Cheetah car without written permission , no person shall use these data for commercial or privately transmitted , nor modify or cheetah car make a mirror server .

Allows the user to read this web site and information, and copied for personal use , for example by printing or storing . Website or the information , all other uses are prohibited cheetah cars , such as the prohibition of any external internet sites storing or copying cheetah car sites.

User comments and suggestions

If you take the initiative to comments, suggestions and / or the information published on this site , whether or not they contain text, pictures, sounds, software, information or other forms of content , or the information sent via electronic mail or otherwise cheetah car it means that you allow cheetah car full , free to use, copy and / or use of such information through commercial means . Cheetah cars on such information does not undertake any obligation of confidentiality.

User comments, suggestions and / or the information published on this site date , that means guaranteed cheetah car will not use and / or disseminate such information infringe any third party rights ( IPR ) , or any damage caused to third parties subject to any litigation , claims and debts. Once that happens , you need to make the appropriate compensation cheetah car .

The principle of independence

If these Terms of Use is invalid in the relevant part of the law , the two sides will continue to be the remaining terms. Both sides should consider the contents of the Terms of Use and intentions , try using the corresponding valid and invalid provisions are legally binding provisions replace invalid provisions.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Terms of Use subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of the PRC . Terms of Use caused by or in connection with any dispute ( including, but not limited to the use of terms concerning the existence and validity of the dispute ) by the PRC courts to be addressed.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

General Information

Cheetah cars are processed through this website ( "Website" ) all personal information collected by the administrator. Cheetah Car respect your privacy , in accordance with the relevant PRC regulations of personal information processing network to handle your data.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy ( " Privacy Policy " ) describes how we handle through the website collects all personal information , as well as access and correction rights of these personal data .

Cheetah car enjoys the right to change policies . These changes alter the information in the policy effective immediately upon publication . Recommend site users regularly read this policy , understand the information has been changed .

Personal Information

Cheetah car handling personal information collected through the website . The collected personal data areas include :

Full name

Date of birth

Contact details

You enter on the form on the website for additional information ( e-mail, mobile phone, etc. )

In the user uploaded to the site's content contains any personal information

For users under 18 years of age , shall in his legal guardian have read the privacy policy and the circumstances permit , cheetah car website through their personal information .


Cheetah car will use your personal information for the following purposes :

To provide you with services displayed on the Site ;

Improve service quality ;

Answer your questions ;

Send you information about current or future car cheetah organized activities. If required by law , cheetah car will transmit this information to obtain your permission before .


Unless explicitly requested legal obligations , cheetah car will not use your personal information to any other third party .


This website uses so-called "Cookie". Cookie is stored on your local computer some small text files. If you visit a Web site , the site uses Cookie to identify you . Thus, the cheetah car can improve the site 's user -friendliness , and adjust according to your needs website . Stored on your computer 's website Cookie will be after the first time you visit the site indefinitely remain valid.

You can change the Web browser settings in a Cookie is stored on your computer notify you when . You can also change the settings so that the browser does not accept this website Cookie. However, if your browser does not accept this website Cookie, you will not be able to access or use all the features of this website .

Security and retention period

In the transmission , storage and processing through this website collect personal information, we will adopt the commonly used technical measures ensure data security.

Typically, cheetah car reservations through this website collect personal information no longer than two years.

Access , correct and delete

You can always request cheetah car gives you access to its collection of personal information about you permission . You can also request to correct or delete the cheetah car profile.

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