The Almighty SUV new benchmark value of Liebao C5unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show

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The April 20th Shanghai international auto show, Liebao C5debut, fashion appearance, strong power, high configuration and comfort attracted many of the media and consumer attention. At the same time, a leading environmental design V emission standards for new country, in a number ofindependent brand SUV is particularly eye-catching "". A lot of people in the industry think, appear Liebao C5, is a Liebaocar decades of professional SUV accumulation time of theAlmighty SUV, or will refresh the new benchmark value.

Strong power, universal SUV Liebao ready C5

Liebao Feiteng C5 with strong power, stunning debut. The new 4A15T turbocharged engine with the intake,turbocharged, DOHC, continuously variable valve timing and other core technologies, to effectively improve the cylinder combustion chamber inlet and exhaust volume, maximum power make the Liebao C5 achieve 105kw/5200rpm, 210Nm/ 2000-4000rpm of maximum torque, start fast, fast acceleration. With AMT automatic transmission, driving moresmooth.

With the flooding front, give the Liebao C5 excellent highwayacceleration. The axle load distribution uniform layout, which overcome the disadvantages and steering front wheel is easy to slip, the front engine front drive type light body weight, but also ensures the stability and ride comfort control. Minimum turning radius of only 5.75m, fully reflects the flexible vehicle handling.

Moreover, the Almighty SUV chassis Liebao C5 the Liebaocar come down in one continuous line, Mcphersonindependent front suspension, with multi link the whole bridgeungrouped independent rear suspension, 165mm the minimum ground clearance, after a special adjustment, to ensure the complicated road cannot pass through most of the traditional car.

Low carbon pioneer Liebao C5 leading towards the state V emission standard

Low carbon environmental protection, is to represent the general trend of the whole society, a "hot words is the automotive industry". "Beijing V" emission standards launched in Beijing, "V" emission standard has troops. The Liebao carfollow the national environmental protection industry,dynamic, forward-looking in Liebao C5 assembly of low carbon environmental protection engine, make its become versatile leading towards the country V emission standards ofthe same level vehicle SUV.

Turbocharged engine new, let the Liebao C5 have a strong"heart" at the same time, energy saving and environmental protection advantages become more pronounced. The key techniques used in electronic solar term door, accuratecontrol of the air-fuel ratio, the more sufficient combustion,reduce exhaust gas produced, in the numerous independentSUV, leading towards the "strict emission standards of China V" to seek the views of edition.

Bring the environmental performance of advanced engine technology, make the Liebao Feiteng C5 become low carbon pioneer with the level of SUV, the overall upgrade will lead to energy saving and environmental protection,independent brand.

Liebao Feiteng C5 Neiwaijianxiu fashion more intimate

The Liebao Feiteng C5 not only carrying a new "Liebaojump" family of Facebook modelling, also with manyhumanized configuration models at the same level are rare,both fashion and comfortable, very suitable for the first car buying homes.

Appearance, concise, smooth vehicle lines, extending from the headlamps to the rear of his waist, full and full of visualtension; muscle clear outline, and not lose flexibility; theintegration of "leopard Yueshi" family of Facebook design,show the Liebao's rapid and aggressive, give a person withstrong impulse control.

With the sun, the appearance of fashion should be relative,intimate humanized interior configuration, embodies theLiebao C5 sincerity. Electric sunroof good light transmission,let a size in one, can maintain the "intimate contact" with the sun; 5:5 split adjustable rear seats, comfortable and feel the space inside the car; instantaneous fuel consumption display device, fuel consumption, more intimate "visible".

It is worth mentioning that, compared with the 4 inch screen,Liebao C5 using a 7 inch LCD touch screen audio system,set the mainstream entertainment all in one, browsing support multiple formats of audio, video and pictures. In the city for daily use or go out to enjoy cross-country passion, as long asgently touch screen, can feel 7 inch big screen brings greatexperience, action movie, exquisite music, let the car journeyfrom and boring insulation.

Fashion appearance, sunshine, strong power performance,China V emission, high comfort and humanity intimate configuration, the new generation of universal SUV product characteristics, obtained the most incisive embodied in theLiebao C5. With the market around the corner, Liebao C5 or will set off a new wave of SUV consumption, the new benchmark value achievement of a new generation of allSUV.

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