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Liebao cars Merchants AssociationDescription

First:the reporting conditions

1、understood and agree Liebao car businessphilosophy and sales model, the Liebao automotive business confidence, willinglong-term investment and common development.

2、with independent corporatequalifications and legitimate business credentials.

3、possess or be able to have anindependent business premises, shop may own or lease, exhibition area of 100square meters or more required.

4、operating in good condition, withspecial funds (SUV200 million yuan, 100 million yuan pickups), and has a goodbusiness reputation.

5、with the automotive industryexperience and those who do not have experience in the automotive industry can(do not have experience in the automotive industry for automotive suppliersclaim to be able to set up the Liebao qualified management team, and the coremembers: General Manager, Sales Manager, you must have at least 2 yearsautomotive experience); same conditions, with the application of brand carsales experience is preferred.

Second:the marketing network description

1、 according to the Liebao car VI standardsfor construction, Authorization by brand franchise.

2、Liebao car dealers that withinthe framework of a contract to operate independently, Liebao car its authorizedareas for protection.

Third:support and reward

1、adhere to customer first, dealer second,manufacturer third benefit principle.

2、the construction cost of thedealer, depending on the circumstances will be given appropriate subsidies tosupport the construction of shops.

3、from time to time on theauthority ongoing marketing skills training, competency training and promotionservices and brand management skills training to build first-class talent.

Fourth:the application process

1、An application submitted by the"application plan", a plan text file, attached electronic documentsent to the specified mailbox.

2、qualification trial.

3、field trips.

4、applying to business management teaminterview (investors, the proposed store general manager).

5、comprehensive review.

6、selected contract.

Fifth: Contact

Intention of co-investors, according to thefollowing contact contact us, or send an e-mail to the contact mailbox.

Changfeng Group Co., Ltd. SalesHeadquarters

Address: Changsha County, ChangshaXingsha Economic Development Zone, Road No. 3, Li Xiang Changfeng GroupAdministration Building, 7th Floor

Postal Code: 410011

Contact: Liu Li

Tel:0731 -82881392


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