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Adhere to promote the development of Chinese auto industry has been appointed, the automobile industry chain related business, will become the backbone of Changfeng Group enterprise independent brand of automobile and automotive electronics and other key parts of our country, become the pioneer of the new energy automotive industry.

Company development strategy

1,to realize the innovation of system and mechanism, activation of total entrepreneurial passion. The system innovation as a breakthrough, activate the core management layer, core technical backbone team, the staff’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

2,professional, high-quality product development road. In the Qcar/KR platform series models as the basis, adhere to the internationalization, specialization, boutique Road, to further consolidate the SUV, pickup trucks and other segments of the market advantage, establish "professional Almighty SUV" brand awareness in the industry and consumers, revival of Liebao motor

3, cultivate the key parts of the leading backbone enterprises. Make full use of the integration of resources of enterprise competence advantage, deepen cooperation and the introduction of international standards of strategic partners, alternative to accelerate the cultivation of key parts and components development of automotive electronics, automatic transmission business, become the key parts of automobile electronic industry and automobile China the leading backbone enterprises.

4, do the pioneer of new energy automotive industry. Active layout, actively planning, new energy automobile power module as  the main direction, to power battery becomes a breakthrough, the successful intercept vehicle field of new energy automobiles, became the forerunner of new energy automotive industry in China.

5, to achieve "recycling billions of new Changfeng" target. According to "strategy step two foundation, Three years, five years of large span", strive to 2017 will be Changfeng Group developed into a cheetah SUV and pickup vehicle as the core business, with new energy vehicles, batteries, a new automatic transmission and automotive electronic technology and Lve Xinxing business, group investment holding large industry with limited investment as the auxiliary service. By 2017, the formation of annual sales of  150000 vehicle capacity, to achieve recycling billions of new Changfeng goals, to lay a solid foundation for the building of "hundred enterprises ".

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