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Research Overview

Beijing Automotive Research Institute is a cheetah cheetah Automotive Group in Beijing set up a special group responsible for all matters relating to technical aspects of vehicle design and development agency, the registered address for the Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone B, Yuhua Jia on the 29th, the legal representative Wu Pu.

Research Institute was established in September 2012 for the Group from product positioning, concept planning, automotive styling, engineering design, CAE analysis, prototype testing, vendor management, platform development, production services, the whole process of design, development and automobile services. Institute covers an area 51,000 square meters, construction area of 30,000 square meters, has also developed four vehicle projects.

Departmental structure

Research is currently president responsibility system, under the jurisdiction of the vice president in charge of eight divisions, namely general management, technology management department, test trial department, field engineering, vehicle engineering, vehicle engineering, chassis engineering department, electronics department. Institute has hundreds of employees.

Organization and management

Research project management structure is used in matrix management structure, which can effectively improve the enterprise's rapid response mechanism, so that human resources in equipment and other products and services between different flexibility in the allocation, enables organizations to adapt to changing external requirements . Research projects and project management team all have a global authority on project management - Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Institute developed a strict examination system and a complete induction training program. In the whole process of project implementation Academy requires management and production personnel with strong management awareness and skills, requiring plant management personnel, technicians and operators of major production jobs have a high level of automation technology and a certain production management experience. Scientific organization system and strict management system for the smooth implementation of the project to provide a strong organizational guarantee. Research use of information management design process, OA office systems already adopted, completed the computerization of the entire construction process management platform.

Professional and technical equipment

Research using sound, light, electricity, and CAD solid modeling, virtual reality environments, CAE simulation technology for a variety of new automotive product design and development, has a total of 240 computer graphics workstation system, and with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information centers, high-performance computers in its 7000 platform Deepcomp for rapid calculation of product validation. Equipped with a full-size virtual 3D rendering system, 3D holographic virtual images, 360-degree vision, the real show design concepts.

Institute of 1:1 clay model has seven platforms, five small-size clay model production platform, 11 full-size CMM, a Taiwan ATOS Ⅱ photographic data acquisition systems and three sets of special clay oven, to ensure multi-model design project simultaneously.

Prototype workshop with a flexible welding line and test equipment bus, vehicle spray booth, two post / poster lifter, 3-axis CNC machine tools, a full-size CNC (3 +2 axis) and CMS five-axis milling machine CNC machining center, equipped with a full trial accessory kit, you can create a display for NC milling kind of car, synthetic materials like car body production, sheet metal body kind of car, a sequence mold parts like cars and the main body of model making.

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