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2003 donors construction Yongzhou Changfeng Shop lengshuitan caijia Hope Primary School

August 2004, in order to cheer our athletes, the company promised Olympians "won a gold medal, award a liebao".

October 2004, contributed $ 1 million yuan in building the home of Marshal He Long Ping school building sand

February 2008, the company Hunan antifreeze relief fund-raising office to donate one million yuan to support the anti-ice relief work in Hunan Province. Meanwhile, all the workers in Hunan anti-ice relief donations 376,600 yuan

May 2008, after a major earthquake, Wenchuan earthquake donations to the company 1.5 million yuan, the company all staff donations 903,753.7 yuan.

January 2010, the company donated one million yuan to support Taiwan Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan compatriots rebuild their homes.

April 2010, Yushu after the earthquake, the company all staff donations 270,156 yuan

December 2011, the company sponsored 100,000 yuan to support Yongzhou organized the "First Person Charity Awards."

April 22, 2013, the company started to quake-hit areas in Sichuan Ya'an vehicle supplies and cash donations totaling 6,000,000 yuan support programs.

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