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Changfeng group, through more than 60 years of development, always adhere to the open integration to absorb fully inclusive, military and international culture as one culture, traditional culture, Jack sunk to form the Changfeng distinctive corporate culture, mainly:

  • Innovation, the pursuit of excellence in business development ideas.

  • Hard work, self-reliance, entrepreneurial passion.

  • If it is an order it will be carried out, vigorous and resolute working style.

  • All over the spirit of collectivism, unity.

  • Heroic tenacity, head of heroic masculinity.

  • Integrity management, industry serve the country's social responsibili.

Corporate philosophy:innovation and development, spirit of enterprise.

Core values :innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.

Enterprise spirit:pioneering, innovation, objectivity, dedication.

Corporate responsibility:the country industry,committed to revitalize national industry; Building brands,to give back to the community for the purpose.

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